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Product Data

Mini Breach X uses a high performance acrylic based adhesive tape, which are especially designed for the bonding of high and medium energy surfaces. It is capable of absorbing thermal expansions of the surface it is adhered to. Other features include high initial tack and good plasticizer resistance to a clean surface.

Adhesive: High Performance Acrylic

Download our Product Data Sheet here.Adhesive carrier: Conformable Closed Cell Acrylic Foam

Description: Excellent Initial Tack

Liner: Red PE film

Solvent Resistance: Excellent

UV Resistance: Excellent

Temperature Resistance

Adhesive Long term: F° (°C) 212 (100)

Adhesive Short term: F° (°C) 320 (160)

Shelf Life:
Please make sure that units are stored in a dry place and at a temperature of preferably between 39 F° and 100 F° (4 °C and 38 °C). When the units are stored under the right conditions they have a shelf life of 18 months.